Pencils ready? You may begin.
  1. On a scale of one to ten, rate your morality. Explain your answer.
  2. Are any human lives worth more than any other human lives? Why or why not? Explain how your answer would affect your policies as president.
  3. What are your arguments for or against the eating of animals?
  4. What to you are capitalism's greatest flaws and greatest benefits?
  5. What to you are socialism's greatest flaws and greatest benefits?
  6. How often, and for what purposes, have you lied or been less than truthful in your campaign?
  7. Would you rather meet your great-great-great grandparents or your great-great-great grandchildren?
  8. What role do you believe genetics plays in our lives? What are the ramifications for law and politics?
  9. If you had the power to fix one and only one of the world's, or the nation's, problems, which one would you solve and why?
  10. Is history a chronicle of advancement or of decline?
  11. Does power corrupt? Explain and defend your answer.
  12. Extra Credit: Why in God's name are you running for president?