An all time great talk show/podcast with some legendary characters. Here are my favorites. These are only from the tv show on IFC, and the list is still a work in progress. These are the Hollywood Facts.
  1. Fourval
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    Played by Bobby Moynihan in Season 2 episode 9. An orphan boy looking for some scraps.
  2. Dalton Wilcox
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    Played by Andy Daly in Season 2 episode 11. The Poet Laureate of the West.
  3. August Lindt
    Played by Andy Daly in season 4 episode 21. Pretzel Maker and thrill seeker.
  4. Tom Perdy
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    Played by Mike Hanford in Season 2 episode 7. Smart and witty political cartoonist.
  5. Shiloh Huffington
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    Played by Matt Jones in Season 4 Episode 5. The shows #1 fan.
  6. Nells Hebber
    Played by Seth Morris in Season 4 episode 8. Cyborg activist.
  7. Chet Barnsider
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    Played by Will Forte in Season 1 Episode 1. Heroic pilot.
  8. The Calvin Twins
    Played by Taran Killman and Paul Brittain in Season 3 Episode 3. “The preeminent promoters of the sport of horse-fighting in these great United of States.”