I don't know or care about the politics of the events portrayed in this movie which depict real events
  1. I was honestly ignorant to what happened
  2. My first words after leaving the theatre were, "I assumed the military has plans in place to protect ANY location we have soldiers/intelligence agencies
    ESPECIALLY if those people are in dangerous and unstable location"
  3. Is this naive?
  4. Shouldn't we have a plan in place where all they have to say is GO and they send troops to rescue our people?
  5. I'm pretty angry if this isn't the case
  6. I know the military is spread thin but I would think an overall plan for when something goes bad would be in place!
  7. I get the General didn't want to screw anything up before he retired and the CIA people really didn't seem to understand the danger they were in but come on
  8. And how crazy, scary, INSANE is it to fight a war where they have no idea who is the enemy or ally?!
  9. No matter your politics, someone has to defend our country. I'm not doing it. Most of you aren't doing it.
  10. Spoiler: how can the "hang loose" sign be what helped to secure them?
  11. We really really need to do more to support those fighting in these dangerous places, doing their best to protect us and other innocent people
  12. And to make sure the people in charge are doing what they should to protect them or to allow them to protect themselves
  13. Can you imagine these guys coming home after that? It makes me want to hug every soldier I see. How do you go back to real life after that?
  14. I held my breath throughout the movie and waited tearfully to find out the conclusion.
  15. The GRS didn't get public recognition or fancy awards like the General but like Jack said, they were lucky because they got to go home. 😭❤️
  16. I'm sure I'm oversimplifying everything but surely there's something to learn from the insanity of this situation
  17. John Krasinski was freaking fabulous. He made me feel every emotion along with him. I hope he's considered for awards
  18. This served as a reminder to me to pray for those in harms way and for our leaders to do their very best by them
  19. And to be more purposeful in acknowledging our troops and how thankful I am for them and what they go through
  20. Holy hell