Books I read on my vacation...

  1. Book club read. I'm not into fantasy, but my interest was peaked to see what was going to happen. Quick read.
  2. Really loved most of the book. It had me very emotional reading all the family dynamics but hated the predictable ending. I am craving an ending the opposite of this but all books seem to have this ending lately.
  3. This one took me a while to get through but the characters were great. I love books that take you through long periods of characters lives and you get to see the changes they go through.
  4. Great read! It's my city's One Book selection. These boys are amazing and their stories are unforgettable. We need more teachers like the two here. Highly recommended.
  5. Finishing it on my flight home. Good so far! *updated* This book gave me the ending I wanted! Enjoyed this as a quick read.