Life intervened and I just finished the book. I hope there's another book selection soon @BookClub, but a bit more time to get the book before starting discussion!
  1. Her brother's death was not what I'd expected as the precipitating event in Mathilde's loveless childhood. Devastating. Was it on purpose? Could you punish a four year old for it?
  2. Then living with her grandmother, to her prostitute grandmother, and then on to her uncle's where she was ignored but taken care of was compelling.
  3. But figuring out how to pay for Sarah Lawrence was surprising and almost admirable. Though degrading, she worked every aspect of her life to get what she wanted.
  4. The love between her and Lotto was surprising. I was waiting for the shoe to drop and for either of them to have been unfaithful. I'm glad they weren't. It's such an easy storyline and what actually went on between them was more engaging.
  5. I almost think the Land storyline unnecessary, probably because I would have liked to see Chollie get what was coming to him.
  6. But I guess it was the way to redeeming her? But I thought the love she felt for Lotto was enough. Also the realization that Rachel and Sallie loved her even when Lotto was gone and how amazing that was to her.
  7. The exchanges between Mathilde and Antoinette were surprising and delicious. The fact that she turned down the million dollars when that's what her interest in him was at first, surprised me. Yes she was cold keeping them apart but his mom was a bitch!
  8. The fact that Chollie flew to London immediately upon her death in order to get the original copies of Lotto's plays was disgusting. I so wish she had turned him in!!
  9. I wasn't sure if I would like the book split into two points of view so separately, but because Mathilde was such a mystery, it was perfect. I was dying to know what she thought of everything that happened and also what all her secrets were. She did not disappoint.
  10. Will definitely recommend this book to others!