My family is competitive, highly energetic, and take no prisoners when it comes to game night. These are some of our favorites.
  1. Quelf - SO FUN! Make everyone playing choose an action to start with for optimum fun
    Some actions are pictured along with *referring to yourself in the 3rd person *sitting with arms and legs straight unless it's your turn *having to move the coffee table for more space because I needed more room to "weep" as I had to be a weeping willow
  2. Scattagories - oldie but goodie
    Intense and aggressive! My family rule is you must use the correct tense and helping verb to get credit so answers being screamed are "swim, is swimming, are swimming, has swum, swam" for EVERY possible answer choice. Exhausting but keeping it consistent. Yes, we're annoying
    If you've not played this then you've never experienced greatness. DVD only game and the yelling and barely decipherable answers make it the most fun. Being drunk helps my game 1000%. I'm the champ. This is my sisters and I after we beat my stepmom and dad. We felt so victorious!
  4. Frustration or Phase 10
    Multiple 2 am games this past Christmas. My sister is my father's daughter for sure after their quick frustration was apparent and their desire to give up. Then as fast as their luck changes their mood did as well. Poker faces, not here. A true game of highs and lows. So fun!
  5. Family cook off
    Everyone makes something using the same ingredient and then we all test everything and vote! Our ingredient was cream cheese. I didn't win. Revenge is coming this February!