1. Bryant Park Christmas fair
  2. Good Enough to Eat
    Banana nut pancakes and the best atmosphere!
  3. Baked by Melissa
    Bite size cupcakes! The best!
  4. Ellen's Stardust Diner
    While we were annoyed the first time we went, it's a fun place to get ready for a Broadway show!
  5. Tortilla Flats
    One of the only good Mexican spots
  6. 21
    Get a tour of the secret room downstairs! Very cool!
  7. Miro Cafe
    Great place for lunch or a snack in Soho. Saw Julia Stiles outside
  8. Bubbie's
    Where I saw Beyoncé and Jay Z! They came walking up the street and ate there while I was there
  9. Central Park
    You could spend all day there