I quit my job!

  1. So I've been unhappy at my job for at least 2 years
  2. One of my New Years resolutions was to find a new job
  3. This April/May/June I began looking something new
  4. I had a few interviews but nothing worked out
  5. I was so upset about thinking about going back to my job that I couldn't sleep, was antsy all the time and one night was up at 5 am unable to sleep and pacing back and forth.
  6. I decided I needed to just quit my job.
  7. This wasn't healthy
  8. I had no debt, no responsibilities
  9. So after talking it over with a few trusted people I turned in my resignation on Monday
  10. Just quit. Scary but liberating!
  11. I was going to move into my mom's house for a year to figure out what to do next
  12. I needed to give notice to break my lease on my apt
  13. Tuesday as I was leaving an appointment to go to my apt office to turn in my notice, I received a text from a woman who finally decided to retire from the only position I actually wanted.
  14. I didn't turn in my notice to my apt
  15. I called a few people who had connections with the powers that be
  16. Wednesday morning I left for vacation thinking this isn't going to work as there were so many loose ends, I had already quit, there was no supervisor for this position at that point to even hire me before I needed to give notice
  17. Thursday morning while eating breakfast before heading out with my family to Mt Rushmore, I received a call from a past boss who is now in one of the top positions
  18. She voided my resignation, offered me the position I always wanted, and worked everything out in two days!
  19. I have a new job and the job I wanted!
  20. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉