1. The Crown
    Really liked it and can't wait for season 2. So interested that none of them seem to want to be involved in the monarchy and that this shouldn't even be the line to produce the Queen and next King.
  2. Lion
    I've not loved La La Land or any other movies that are critical darlings. I cried throughout but loved this so much. The fear, pain, and joy were so accessible. Great performances. And Dev is HOT.
  3. Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick
    Read this middle grade novel with my student book club this semester. It was so sweet and every kid who read it admitted they cried: boys and girls. It was the only book everyone loved all semester.
  4. Goodreads
    It's so nice having an easy way to keep track of everything I read. Last year's goal was 52 books; I read 26, just half. This year same goal and read 40. Good improvement but goal still not reached. Same goal for 2017. Will this be the year?
  5. Texas Roadhouse rolls
    And their cinnamon butter. Mmmmmmmm
  6. Bluetooth speaker
    Loving this so I can listen to podcasts as I roam the house and don't need to lug my phone to each room to listen.