I grew up in central Texas as a huge sports fan. I loved the Houston Oilers, the Astros, and the Rockets. I moved to Dallas at the turn of the century and decided since I lived there I should root for Dallas teams.
  1. Big mistake.
  2. Huge.
  3. The first year I lived here I went to a Mavericks/Spurs playoff game.
  4. First of all, I was able to get tickets with no problem
  5. Secondly, it was painful.
  6. I was used to the Rockets. Rudy T. The heart of a champion!!
  7. The Mavericks were awful and had no heart. I just couldn't root of them.
  8. So I watched the playoffs and saw this fun, fresh team that I couldn't get enough of.
  9. The Sacramento Kings!
  10. They played as a team. They were fast. They were fun. They had heart.
  11. And who was the center of that? My boy Chris Webber.
  12. Oh
  13. Mah
  14. Gawd
  15. So maybe they were fun to watch AND he's gorgeous. Maybe I have a thing for guys with smiles that make my heart sing.
  16. Example: Warren Moon.
  17. Who I loved until his son had to call 911 because he was choking his wife and the Houston papers reported him being in strip clubs all the time.
  18. I had 2 posters of him on my wall in college.
  19. I digress.
  20. Back to Webber...
  21. 😍
  22. I became a Kings fan
  23. Throughout the next few years, they became even better with these guys...
  24. And his wife
  25. Remember when Christie punched Rick Fox? And Fox waited for him in the tunnel after they were both ejected?
  26. And the entire Kings bench ran into the tunnel? Then Shaq who was injured busted in to break up the fight? But the Kings players got to go back and resume the game?
  27. And this was just a preseason game???? Those were the days!
  28. The Kings played the Mavericks a lot in the playoffs.
  29. I was teaching at the time.
  30. My junior high students knew I loved the Kings and Webber.
  31. The Kings beat the Mavs
  32. A lot
  33. I maybe liked to put the score up on their journal prompt each time they won
  34. My junior high Mavs fans didn't appreciate this.
  35. I even left the score up for them when the Kings beat the Mavs during the playoffs and I had a substitute that day
  36. And when I returned to school and the Mavs had won the next game, my students retaliated
  37. My 2 long whiteboards were covered with pics and taunting. I so wish I had a picture of this.
  38. My favorite was a picture of Webber on a toilet and the message, "The Kings have a new throne"
  39. Pretty clever!
  40. And this note was left on my desk
  41. I love junior high kids
  42. What I don't love is the refs from game 6 on May 31, 2002 when the Kings WERE ROBBED AND THE FUCKING LAKERS WERE GIVEN THE GAME
  43. Don't even get me started
  44. But even better than my students' artwork was a few years later and the Kings were said to be making a big trade
  45. It was supposed to be Peja.
  47. When Chris Webber, team player extraordinaire, was traded to the Sixers to play with a great but extremely selfish Allen Iverson? My heart broke.
  48. Worse than Adele's heartbreak over the Spice Girls' breakup
  49. I had several of my former students contact me that day to see if I was okay
  50. I had teachers and coaches at my school making sure I made it to school and asked if I needed them to cover my class so I could mourn
  51. I got emails from friends asking who I would now be supporting
  52. It was a traumatic time
  53. I watched the Sixers and Kings play that weekend
  54. I couldn't love my Kings without Webber. I was bitter at the Maloofs for trading him. Bitter at Peja for still being a King
  55. And I couldn't watch the 76ers
  56. Because "PRACTICE?!" couldn't be a team player
  57. But then years later I got this...
  58. And this
  59. And this
  60. And this
  61. Stupid Maloofs
  62. I know what you're thinking.
  63. Don't
  64. Even
  65. Think
  66. About
  67. It
  68. Still my fave 😊