I've had this sweater for over a year and have worn it more than 10 times. I don't ever remember getting complimented on it before. Yet today...
  1. This is the sweater
  2. 1. In the school nurse's office by the nurse
    While I was trying to find out why there was an ambulance at school and who they took away
  3. 2. In the library by a teenager.
    When teens compliment me on things, I assume they're being facetious.
  4. 3. In Tommy Bahama while buying my dad's Christmas gift
    Saleswoman asked where I got it. Old Navy, but last year. She was very disappointed.
  5. 4. Schlotzskys drive thru.
  6. 5. At Michaels Craft Store
    By the cashier as she gave me a special 40% off coupon
  7. 6. By Trench Coat Grandma in Walgreens
    See for full story on Trench Coat Grandma here WALGREENS TONIGHT
  8. 7. Chick Fil A cashier
    She called it festive. Is she implying it's an ugly Christmas sweater? How do you draw the line between the two?