1. Reading Nonfiction –
    I love chick lit-type books and young adult novels (high school librarian), but recently I’ve read more Non-Fiction and enjoyed it! Without You There is No Us, 5th Avenue 5 a.m., Why Not Me (though I love anything involving Mindy Kaling)
  2. Watching older movies I’ve never seen:
    Roman Holiday, My Fair Lady, Casablanca – yay for AMC’s Classics series and reading books where you learn new stuff!
  3. Going to the movies alone –
    see what I want, when I want. LOVE
  4. Trying to be kind in my responses and reactions to people, especially my family
  5. Going to bed earlier –
    I’m a night owl, big time. I love staying up late and doing all sorts of stuff, but I’m much happier when I go to bed and get good sleep. It’s hard but if I make it a pattern, I’m more likely to do it.
  6. Being charitable –
    because my siblings and spouses went from exchanging gifts between all of us to drawing one name, I spend much less on Christmas gifts. I use that money to donate to the local food bank, the fund for my school’s janitors and cafeteria staff, and the angel tree my school does for elementary kids.
  7. Looking for a new job –
    I’m unhappy where I am, so I’m trying to find something that I will enjoy for next year.
  8. Walking on the treadmill –
    my whole evening changes when I make this the first thing to do when I get home from work. I feel better and am more focused on accomplishing things.
  9. Losing at chess on the Chess Free app
  10. Going with the flow - “whatev” –
    my response when things beyond my control happen that upset me. I can’t let it affect me as much as it used to. I just throw my hands up now 🙌🏼