1. I did not vote for Trump. I did not think he would win. I do not think he will make a decent President.
  2. But I do know people who voted for Trump.
  3. They are feminists.
  4. They are minorities.
  5. They are gay.
  6. It's true. I'm as surprised as you.
  7. People voted for different reasons.
  8. Whether you agree or not, whether you are offended or not, whether you care or not.
  9. Some people voted for Trump.
  10. And some voted against Hillary.
  11. But what really makes me crazy is people assuming that all the voters are racist, homophobes, and mysogonists.
  12. And by reporting only THAT as the reason for this Trump win, just continues to create and maintain the divide. Fanning those flames helps no one.
  13. I wish people were reporting on the feminists and why they voted Trump. Because we need to understand to change that. Not just insult and offend them.
  14. Only reporting that everyone who voted him hates women, minorities, and gays is not true and it won't help understand why this happened and what we can do in the future to avoid this madness.
  15. Saying that it's only rednecks and white people in middle America voting this way discounts the voter who has a differing opinion and leads to those people becoming disenfranchised with compromise and change.
  16. Let's look into how and why this happened.
  17. I don't believe it's because red states are racist and mysogonists.
  18. Are there some of those people? Yes.
  19. Are there enough of those people to win this election alone? Hell no. There really are not.
  20. Stop saying that's the reason and continuing to fan the flames of hate to half the country and let's figure out why this happened and how we can make sure it doesn't happen again.
  21. "We are more deeply divided than we thought", but it's not racists vs non-racists.
  22. There's more.
  23. Let's figure it out. Not just discount all those who voted as ignorant assholes.
  24. That helps nothing and no one.
  25. P.S. On Tony Kornheiser's podcast, Howard Fineman had great points about why people voted for Trump in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Not racist. Feeling forgotten due to loss of jobs.
  26. P.P.S.