I will follow this up by listing what I actually do. Maybe this will keep me on task?
  1. Plan Family cook off 2016
    Everyone makes something using the same ingredient. Vote whose is best!
  2. Update my resume
  3. Apply for new jobs in at least 5 districts
  4. Learn how to play chess (NY resolution 2015)
  5. Catch up on reading, so I accomplish 1/2 my reading goal for 2015 which was a book a week
  6. Read/put into action The Art of Tidying Up
    Main goal is to get rid of clothes and beauty products and crafting junk I have but don't need
  7. Watch Casual, Veep season 1, and Master of None
  8. Watch 5 movies from my movies to be watched list
  9. Spend time talking to my dad
  10. Read to my niece Peyton
  11. Make Christmas cookies with my nieces and nephew
    A yearly tradition
  12. Don't complain that it's not cold in December
  13. Spend more than an hour outside daily
    Since it won't be fucking cold
  14. Play board games with my family, especially nieces and nephews
  15. Drink more water than anything else
  16. Sleep