But honestly, what would be the point of a shameful plug?!? #lifeistooshortforshame
  1. HOLY SHIT, EVERYONE!! My husband, @jakebrandman wrote a play!!
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    Here is a photo of him being handsome
  2. Actually, he's written lots of plays, but the thing is, and it's a really big thing haha: THIS ONE IS BEING PRODUCED IN NYC! IN A THEATER! TOTES EQUITY GUYS!!
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    Here's a photo of him being so excited to eat a burger with fois gras on it on our honeymoon
  3. The play is a modern day adaptation of Moliere's Tartuffe. That sounds really boring, right?? WELL IT'S NOT!! Because @jakebrandman made it truly funny! It's about the Tea Party (ew) and sex (yeah!) and has drinking games in it. It's produced by Three Day Hangover, which is a super fun theater company here in NYC.
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    Here is a photo of him trying to buy a beer in French on my birthday last year (we were in Paris and I came home knocked up. Be careful, guys!)
  4. Ok so anyway last night I got to see the opening night of his play!!!!!!! Omg!!! It was SO FUNNY!! The actors were incredible! The laughs were multitudinous!! It was almost too real for this liberal die hard!
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    Here is a photo of Jake with his doppelgänger that we found on a bag of chips in Italy
  5. Look. @jakebrandman is my husband. And I love him the most. But I'm judgmental and I don't laugh if I'm not surprised and I almost peed myself at the play last night.
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    Here's a photo of Jake being a boss at the Colosseum
  6. So my whole point is to invite all of you to the play!! It runs for three weeks, Weds through Sat, in NYC. I am so so so so proud of Jake, I can't even handle it. And all the actors told me they love him as a person AND as a writer!! I die!!
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    Here is a photo of Jake being proud of himself in front of the poster for the show
  7. So like can you come? If you come, will you tell us so we can hug you and be so so so happy to meet you???
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    Here is all the info for the play in a photo!!
  8. And, finally, I just wanted to write for all perpetuity, that @jakebrandman is so awesome and you guys would love him if you met him in person, I just know it. I know this is a sappy list and some of you might think I'm "too much," but all of my therapists find me very endearing.
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    Here is a photo of Jake and our main squeeze, Evan, to further entice you to come to the play. Because after all, isn't life - and theater - just all about the love?