@jakebrandman is my husband
  1. He's in the other room
    I keep yelling "Jaaaaaake," but I can't yell it very loudly because our baby is napping.
  2. The whole new baby thing
    It's hard to focus on spending time together when we are solely responsible for keeping a brand new human alive. It's a lot of pressure!!
  3. Tomorrow will be 8 years since our first kiss!
    I can still remember the giddy call I made to my friend after leaving the make out sesh..."David!! We totes smooched!! I'll probably marry him and have his babies HAHAHHAHA NOOOO I'M NOT CRAZY"
  4. 11/2 will be our 2-year wedding anniversary
    See I wasn't crazy and no I have no idea what took him so long!!
  5. He's always on list app now
    I decided to make this list instead of getting up and going to get him. I love public displays of affection. Also he will likely see this list before I could even get to the living room even though we live in a NYC apartment. THAT IS HOW OBSESSED HE IS WITH LISTAPP
  6. He is about to have his first NYC production of a play he wrote!!!
    He's very busy but I am soooo proud. I am sure he will tell you about it in the comments section. Just after he reads this list and comes in here to yell at me for airing our dirty laundry.
  7. @jakebrandman but can you bring me some water? Love you.