JPS is my favorite playwright and writes a Twitter feed that has me re-examining my own cynicism and attempting a more sincere approach. These are 41 (crazy I know) of my favorites.
  1. "Renounce your life now and then. Reject your whole approach. Drop your bags. Change your look. Throw yourself among strangers. Reinvent."
  2. "2015. I will pursue elegance in my work and depth in companionship. All my life I've gathered tools. I'll use them now.”
  3. "Accidents can lead to revelations. You may fall into the sea only to discover you are a fish.”
  4. "Those in love see love everywhere. They see the heart in things. It's better to be in love perhaps, because of what you'll see.”
  5. "A good conversation is like excavating an ancient city. Care is taken. You go deeper slowly. The process of discovery requires respect.”
  6. "Don't sing to me the song you know. Sing to me the song you have wholly forgotten, and by singing it, find your way back to me.”
  7. "If you fail, fail with grace. If you can't fail with grace, fail funny. If you can do neither, you have no choice but to succeed.”
  8. "Sometimes, when trying to squeeze into an old opinion, one realizes one's point of view has expanded.”
  9. "What are you doing, trying to be what they want? Be what YOU want. They'll come. They'll all come.”
  10. "Who you really are, that purity that is truly you, without comment. That's who I want. That's who everybody wants.”
  11. "Shine relentless approval on your fellows and you will be like the sun opening flowers. Look at people with Yes in your eyes.”
  12. "In a relationship, if one partner won't deal with something, the other is burdened with twice the weight.”
  13. "I love giving bad advice: Begin badly so that things can improve.”
  14. "You sit and stare, editing, editing the story of your life. You did what you did and now you must make sense of it. It's all you have.”
  15. "Every once in a blue moon some exhausted hero lies down and needs rescue.”
  16. "Don't wait for anyone. Life doesn't wait. Don't become what you most fear. A wasted soul. Leap for the rope and swing towards the stars.”
  17. "If there were no obstacle to getting what you want, life would be five minutes long. Satisfaction and Oblivion are sisters.”
  18. "Write like a digger, digging in a rocky field. When you hit stone, remove the stone. If the stone is too big, grow big enough to lift it.”
  19. "When you know you're right, lighten up.”
  20. "Use everything.”
  21. "The poet is discarded by his poetry, the mathematician by his numbers.”
  22. "It is those who have consciously suffered that can guide the lost ones safely home.”
  23. "Adventure thrives not on what is manageable, but on what is barely possible.”
  24. "Some people have a lot of detail. Some are generic. Generic people are dangerous. They hide all the detail, and one must ask why?”
  25. "If you keep wanting the same thing, your future becomes a dimming star in a dying sky. Reach for a new future.”
  26. "A physicist stares into a cup of tea and divines the birth of the universe. He drinks the tea and finds its gone cold. Small price.”
  27. "We've all had a moment of clarity. But in the years leading up to that epiphany, there were many whispers. Listen to the soft voices.”
  28. "Thought I knew every room in my house. Felt evil, old and wrong. Then a false wall went down, and showed to me a world of rooms unentered.”
  29. "What to write? Even the question is thrilling. For writing is a magic action. It transforms its subject and its practitioner.”
  30. "Write it down. Your truest words. Write with fire, with winter in your blood. Sign your name. Now you are a writer. Let them do their worst.”
  31. "Don't look for the loose thread. Admire the sweater.”
  32. "Note: Write a play, a monster that eats the audience. Then tame the monster and make him cough up the audience, disheveled and exhilarated.”
  33. "Beware the big and empty words: love, genius, amazing, perfect. They are white paint obscuring all detail. Real communication is hard work.”
  34. "The best poetry is written in blood. All poets know this. The question is: Who's blood? Do you steal another's pain, or reveal your own?”
  35. "There's another kind of bucket list, a common one: The list of things you feel you must do BEFORE you start to live. Beware of this list.”
  36. "When things get hard, I imagine I am a hero in a Charles Dickens story, and that I am earning a very happy conclusion.”
  37. "Let your heart beat slow, your breath. I will tell you a story. You will sleep in a palace garden, your suitor standing guard.”
  38. "Like a painter who realizes too late he sold his work far too cheaply, we revisit old loves and wonder at the cost.”
  39. (On Robin Williams) "You never know another man's burden until he puts it down and you feel the ground shake."
  40. "Become small and you will see big things.”
  41. "You arrived weighed down with gifts. You should depart empty handed.”
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