1. How can Bruno Mars being hot "make a dragon want to retire, man"?
  2. Aren't dragons typically thought of as creatures rather than careers?
  3. Are Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars suggesting that Mars's hotness makes a dragon want to kill itself?
  4. Or are they suggesting that dragons have jobs and those jobs are to employ their fire breath to control temperature like giant mythical thermostats?
  5. Or are they using this song to posit an entirely new theory of dragons?
  6. Is said theory that, according to Ronson and Mars, dragons are actually just dragon-shaped vehicles that other, smaller creatures pilot for financial compensation and employer-funded healthcare?
  7. And if that's the case, does the lyric mean that Mars's hotness makes the already warm cockpits of the dragon-shaped ships unbearably warm to operate and therefore causes the pilots to wish to retire?
  8. Who is Mark Ronson?