On April 24th my friend/neighbor/birthday buddy @emjuko and I are having a joint birthday party at The Griffin on Los Feliz Boulevard at 9pm. You should come because:
  1. You like me.
  2. You like @emjuko.
  3. You like celebrating the passage of time in general.
  4. You want to support us as we officially enter our late-20s.
  5. You want to drink alcohol.
  6. You want to make out with somebody. (Not necessarily Emma or I but who knows?)
  7. You want to see other ListApp people after the success of the first meet-up.
  8. You like The Griffin and were going to be there anyway.
  9. Now I'm going to tag people. But there's way too many people to list so just know that if you're seeing this, you're invited. Tag anybody I missed who should definitely be there in the comments.
  10. Suggested by @TehraThorp