Seriously?! That's the title. "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2?" That's so boring. Off the top of my head...
  1. Paul Blart 2: Home Is Where The Blart Is
    Paul has become a giant star as a result of the events of Blart 1 and is now a giant asshole. He must remember what got him there in the first place. Mall copping.
  2. Paul Blart 2: The Blarter They Fall
    Paul discovers the fat cats who own the mall are also the biggest drug dealers in town and has to bring them down from inside.
  3. Paul Blart 2: The Blarty Boys
    This would be great if they got Bobby Moynihan to play his no good, lazy, deadblart brother.
  4. Paul Blart 2: Deep In The Blart Of Texas
    Paul's wife (does Paul have a wife? If not, he does now!) is kidnapped and is being held hostage in a new mega mall in The Lonestar state.