As a current Los Angeles resident I appreciate how LA-centric the early Lists are, but it's time for some balance. Send suggestions.
  1. The Commandant's House
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    Vinegar Hill is the weirdest, most beautiful neighborhood in New York that no one ever talks about. The Brooklyn area feels unlike any other part of The city and seems stuck in another era (some weird hybrid of the early 1900s and the 60s). The best part is the mysterious mansion on the river hidden behind a giant, imposing fence. Equal parts beautiful and eerie.
  2. Jimmy's Corner
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    An old divey boxing bar that despite its midtown location is full of working class locals who legitimately want to talk to each other about boxing.
  3. Gallery 815 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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    One of a few Degas rooms, this one is the best. It features the wonderful "Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer" bronze statue of a ballerina with an actual cloth bow in her hair and "The Dance Class" which is my favorite painting. I like to go sit in a nearby gallery with a book and look in at people discovering them for the first time.
  4. The Slipper Room
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    Beautiful vaudeville-style venue for comedy, music, and burlesque. Fun and crazy lower east side nights.
  5. The lobby lounge of The Algonquin
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    If you catch this room in the right light and at the right time of night (an hour after Broadway lets out maybe) you can almost believe it's still 1925 and Dorothy Parker is in the next room being smarter and funnier than anyone else on the planet.
  6. The Nitehawk (Specifically for Brunch and Midnight)
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    One of the best movie theaters in the city. Serves booze and great food right to your seat. Plays mostly indie films but the greatest part are the brunch and midnight movies. Classic movies (both high and low brow) at unusual weekend times.
  7. Paul's aka Burger Palace aka Da Burger Joint
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    The best burger in New York. Not the kind that gets all the credit on magazine lists. Just an unpretentious and great burger at an old school lunch counter.
  8. The Williamsburg Bridge (On the bike path) (At night) (In the fall)
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    Almost makes hurtling yourself through traffic on a bike worth it.