Toronto is an incredible food city and I want to eat everything there.
  1. The Fried Chicken at Bar Fancy.
  2. Rigatoni with Braised Pork at Enoteca Sociale.
  3. The Lobster Croquette at Bent.
    An incredible way to start a meal.
  4. Ink Pasta with Scallops and Crab at Bent.
  5. The Scallop Ceviche at Bar Isabel.
    So light and delicious.
  6. Cured meats at Bar Isabel.
    Really EVERYTHING at Bar Isabel.
  7. The Hamachi Tartare at Hanmoto.
    I basically licked the plate.
  8. The Torched Salmon Aburi at Hanmoto.
    Over sticky rice with nori sheets to make your own "sushi." We ordered two.
  9. The Ribeye with Foie Gras at Bar Isabel.
    Ethically dubious and all kinds of ludicrous, but insanely delicious. Also seriously go to Bar Isabel. It's incredible.