1. I've always thought water was overrated.
  2. Finding street parking near the restaurant is better than most orgasms.
  3. You never know when you'll see Vin Diesel at an El Pollo Loco.
  4. It makes you work to maintain friendships and there's a dignity in that.
  5. I went to an all-boy Catholic high school, so socializing in LA is my first taste of what a classic All-American public high school experience is like.
  6. LA history is basically one long pulp novel.
  7. Accidentally joining a cult is a real concern and that keeps things exciting.
  8. Even the shittiest movie theaters are amazing.
  9. "Winter"
  10. HBO shows post to HBO Go on east coast time so you can watch Game of Thrones at 6.
  11. Driving at night to the right music can change your entire fucking life.