The Good Wife is legitimately amazing. I feel like it often seems like a punchline to those that don't watch but that's a mistake. It's a truly great show that's not just for your mom. Here's why:
  1. Season 6's "Mind's Eye."
    Just watch this episode (from this past Sunday). No other network drama (and few cable dramas) could DREAM of doing an episode so lyrical, abstract, and just downright weird and stick the landing as well as this did. It's crazy that a thoughtful piece of art like this that deals so well with loss and ambition and faith and motherhood just aired on CBS.
  2. Christine Baranski
    She is gorgeous and a badass and a brilliant actress and I want to date her (age-difference be damned) slash have her be my boss slash best friend.
  3. Subversion of Expectations
    I know the behind the scenes reasons and I don't care, ending a "will they or won't they" this way is a ballsy, form-breaking thing that would be surprising on even the edgiest of cable shows.
  4. Characters Who Evolve
    Cary Agos began the show as a smarmy punk. At this point he's a character so nuanced that one word descriptions fail him. This season's prison storyline deepened Cary in interesting ways and doubled down on an inner sadness that was only hinted at before.
  5. The Springfield Principle
    The Good Wife is one of the only dramas (network or otherwise) who have populated their world so densely that, counting recurring guest stars, it's like the show has a beloved cast of 40 or 50 characters. Comedies do this successfully all the time (The Simpsons being the pinnacle of this) but for a drama to do it is brilliant and hints at real untapped potential in the television drama as a form (which seems crazy at this point). You could legit spin off 7 or 8 great shows from this one.
  6. Course Correcting
    Like all shows, it's made its mistakes but the Kings are not afraid to admit it and change the narrative completely. This is true of a lot of Kalinda story lines.
  7. Julianna Marguiles
    When I first started watching I actually thought she was the weak link, but I was a big, dumb idiot. She embodies a quiet strength so well that when she breaks and gets angry (Peter: When I cheated, it didn't mean anything! Alicia: Well that was a waste because when I cheated, it did!") or sad (anytime post-the big thing that happened last year) it's truly shocking and affecting. She's the key to making what could be a broad show, feel real and small and nuanced.
  8. It's Soapy AND Smart
    I love Scandal and Empire and How To Get Away With Murder. Those are really well-made soapy delights and I'm addicted to all of them. But they aren't operating on the same artistic plane as stuff like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. The Good Wife is the only show that keeps a foot in both of those worlds and it makes it unlike anything else on TV.