These all happened and were embarrassing.
  1. Pretending in a job interview to have read a book I hadn't read and having the person who would not be my boss ask one too many follow up questions.
  2. Clogging a toilet at my college girlfriend's grandmother's funeral.
    it was my first time using baby wipes as an adult. I didn't know they weren't flushable.
  3. Seeing the Rent movie at midnight... And again the next day.
    It took me a while to realize it was bad but I knew even then I should be embarrassed.
  4. Having a date fall apart when I agreed to do karaoke at the bar we were at, only to be so terrible that she was embarrassed rather than impressed by my moxie.
  5. Using the word "moxie" just then.
  6. Pairing my iPad to the wrong Apple TV and accidentally streaming porn to the living room TV where my roommate had people over.
  7. Telling all you fine people these stories.