1. Hinterkaifeck
    A fascinating and terrifying unsolved German murder case.
  2. List of reportedly haunted locations
    Self-explanatory. Will eat multiple hours of your day, guaranteed.
  3. Battle of Los Angeles
    A rumored attack on the United States during World War II that the government denies occurred despite the use of anti-artillery weaponry by the U.S. Some claim it was a UFO.
  4. List of box office bombs
    Fascinating on its own but extra valuable as a path to Wikipedia pages for a whole bunch of interesting Hollywood disasters.
  5. The Greenbriar Ghost
    The testimony of the ghost of a murdered girl was used in a trial!
  6. Phoenix Program
    Insane torture program used by the CIA during Vietnam.
  7. Flexible glass
    A short one but a crazy story about a lost invention from Roman times.
  8. Dyatlov Pass Incident
    A mysterious event that led to the death of nine skiers in 1959 Russia. Soviet investigators describe the cause of death as "an unknown compelling force." Creepy and full of potential theories.
  9. Spring-heeled Jack
    An English urban legend about a demon that many claimed to see in the 1800s.
  10. James Harrison
    A crazy, happy story about a kid who after receiving 13 liters of blood in surgery to save his life vows to donate blood once he turns 18. Not to get all upworthy on you but YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!
  11. List of inventors killed by their own invention
    Self-explanatory. Could save your life if, like me, you've ever thought about having part of your body crushed by a printing press. (Apparently it's a bad idea.)