1. Go for a walk. Like a long, New York on a fall Saturday kind of walk. Start in Silver lake and end up somewhere in West Hollywood. If I get too ambitious I can always Uber back.
  2. Lose three hours in Amoeba and pretend I'm back in New York and I'm 18 and lost in some corner of Mondo Kim's I didn't even knew existed until that afternoon.
  3. Go to a movie theater without looking at what's playing or the times and just pick whatever's next.
    Especially fun at Cinefamily and the New Beverly.
  4. Write something totally new that is not designed to help my career in any way. Try to complete it in that day regardless of quality.
    I try to forget about all the things I'm "supposed" to be writing.
  5. Dodgers!
    Tickets are so cheap and Los Angeles is basically a year-round advertisement for "Baseball Weather" pretending to be a city.
  6. Take myself to dinner at a restaurant I've never been to. Sit at the bar with a book.
    A physical book. I love my Kindle but this is less fun with a Kindle for some reason.
  7. Open Facebook messages and scroll all the way back to the oldest ones. Read as though it's a novel written about myself in an interesting new style.
    I didn't say these were all good ideas.
  8. Forget all about this list and just watch Netflix or whatever.