Things That Help Me When I'm Depressed

Yay for destigmatization!
  1. Making deals with myself to get me out of bed.
    "Just walk around for a bit. If you get up maybe I'll get you ice cream."
  2. Musical Cast Recordings
    Right now: Hamilton, In The Heights, Sunday In The Park with George (Chocolate Factory Revival), Company (Broadway Revival)
  3. Avoiding Twitter and Facebook
    Though often fun, both can be incredibly anxiety-inducing.
  4. The first four seasons of The West Wing.
  5. The first four seasons of Newsradio.
  6. All of Cheers.
  7. Going for a run.
  8. Throwing myself into work.
  9. Lots of baths.
  10. Lots of podcasts.
    Great Debates, You Must Remember This, Bill Simmons, and This American Life.
  11. Going to the movie theater and seeing whatever is next.
  12. Watching basketball.
    Specifically the Cavs but any NBA game will do.
  13. Forcing myself to be social even when the last thing I want to do is see other people.
  14. Saying embarrassing mantras out loud to myself.
  15. Talking to a therapist who gives me embarrassing mantras to say out loud to myself.
  16. Maybe writing this down?
  17. Most importantly, watching this Vine over and over: