1. "First day of spring" is always ironic.
  2. No matter how gorgeous the offices, being inside the new World Trade Center is still eerie.
  3. You're always on the right train until you get somewhere in Queens and everything just runs as the F for no reason. (Does not apply to the F which just stops altogether.)
  4. LA needs to step up the food delivery options in a big way.
  5. Cabbies who love talking to you are annoying until they say something profound like "only in New York do you walk down the street and feel like you're everything."
  6. I always forget about neighborhood restaurants. Nothing too cool or special just a good place for a sit down dinner or a drink with a decent variety of stuff on the menu and without any scene. (i.e. Cornelia Street Cafe) LA needs more of these.
  7. The Virgin America safety song video is THE JAM. No song used to remind you to turn off your cell phones has ever been catchier. ("So tonight get ready to fly/because we're going to live it on up in the sky.)