Titles for Pope Tv Shows

  1. Pope and Faith
    Family sitcom.
  2. Pope!
    Pope variety show.
  3. ¡El Papa!
    Spanish Pope variety show.
  4. Popin' Ain't Easy
    Misguided and semi-racist attempt by a broadcast network to capitalize on Empire with a black pope show. Stars Mike Epps.
  5. Park Pope
    Sitcom about a Pope moving to Park Slope.
  6. The Italian Job
    Serious drama about a pope... Who steals things.
  7. Oh, God!
    A bad 80s multi-cam sitcom about the Pope. God is played by an outrageous Gallagher.
  8. Godfellas
    A drama about Popes and Cardinals being badasses. A pilot is ordered by Starz but it doesn't go to air. Or does it? Like all Starz shows, no one ever knows for sure.
  9. Cardinal Sins
    Shondaland's pope show. Get this... In this one the pope likes sex.
  10. The Vatican
    Aaron Sorkin writes monologues about religion for ten weeks. There are no female characters.