1. Buzzer beaters.
  2. Kids being nervous as their team is losing in the final moments.
  3. Any time a basketball player wears a microphone.
  4. Players on the bench freaking out after a crazy dunk
    Suggested by @Alex
  5. Walk off home runs.
  6. Golfers having to climb into water to make shots.
  7. College basketball players crying after wins.
  8. Squirrels and/or birds delaying baseball games.
  9. Bee swarms at baseball games
    Suggested by @Adam
  10. Mascots missing dunks.
  11. Mascots falling down.
  12. Mascots getting hit by children.
  13. Goalie fights in hockey
    Suggested by @anneclark
  14. Celebratory dogpiles
    Suggested by @gabe
  15. College basketball players crying after losses
  16. Any tackle that made it on the "You Got Jacked Up" segment (RIP)
    Suggested by @MissBicks
  17. When a retired NFL player is interviewed and is still able to speak.