1. 13
    Nirvana; the big sounding overdubbed guitar of "Nevermind" was easy to digest. I got a Fender Mustang for Christmas in 2008
  2. 14
    Bob Dylan; this was my introduction to American folk music. I also loved Pete Seger and Woody Guthrie around the same time
  3. 15
    Mountain; Leslie West's economical guitar playing seem to represent the ultimate in psychedelic blues guitar for me. This was the year I put a P-90 in the neck of my Telecaster
  4. 16
    Bruce Springsteen; The year I learned about cars and had a sexual awakening. I have never been so patriotic as I was in 2011
  5. 17
    Bert Jansch; the year I was most heavily into playing guitar. Jansch had a soulful but complex interpretation of British folk songs
  6. 18
    The Replacements; my freshman year in college can be epitomized by the album "Let it Be"
  7. 19
    Pavement/Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks; Stephen Malkmus is the ultimate liberal arts boy, in my opinion. All his songs are the right mix of sarcasm and troubled sincerity