1. Architect
    My first dream job, I think I first conceived the idea when I was six
  2. Romance novelist
    Partially inspired by the Simpsons episode where Marge becomes a romance novelist. I wanted to write about a dashing English sea captain in the 18th century.
  3. Airplane mogul
    "The Aviator" was my absolute favorite movie growing up. Something about the the relationship between Hughes's cocksure attitude and grandiosity and irrational mental illness struck a chord with me. I wanted to own planes, date Cate Blanchett and yell in a Texan accent.
  4. Architect again
    The first time my parents took me to Thailand I became super interested in Southeast Asian design.
  5. Rock and roll guitar player
    This was my longest lasting ambition, from age twelve through around eighteen. Learning to play was the first thing I was ever serious about and playing in bands dominated my social life throughout high school. I hope to come back to it (seriously) one day.
  6. College student
    Two years down, two more to go. Seriously though, there's some really fun and endearing things about be at school. Mostly include road trips, dating at cheap restaurants, kiosks and Red Hook IPAs.