Not including hate-following or official accounts belonging to publications I like
  1. @minakimes
    She just gets it
  2. @pftcommenter
    Hilarious making fun of everything stuck up the NFL's butt
  3. @seinfeld2000
    I die 80% of the time I read his tweets
  4. @whathelookslike
    Spot on 👌🏻. RIP Me
  5. @shutupmikeginn
    Hit or miss, but mostly hits
  6. @thestalwart
    Hilarious, relevant, smart
  7. Her podcast is great but her Twitter game is strong
  8. @bysamro
    Finance, NYC, Down to earth
  9. Hey
  10. @jbarro
    Scathing, sharp, funny
  11. Notice me pls