1. Gifs always
  2. You are not alone
    In the silly ways. In the sad ways. In the happy ways. In the fandom ways. In the food ways. And if they don't agree, they'll still listen
  3. Getting a request makes you feel like Beyoncé
    Shout-out to @veshecco
  4. You can look up to people despite never ever meeting them
    Sometimes I get think about you weirdos and wonder why you haven't li.sted in awhile
  5. People appreciate honesty
    And real feelings
  6. People are supportive when you need it
    And it's ok to ask
  7. I'm always impressed by how many different outcomes can occur when you ask a bunch of people the same question
    Someone makes a rainbow. Someone bakes a cake. Someone eats an entire pizza themselves. Everyone interprets things differently and damn if it isn't cool
  8. Celebrate your accomplishments
    Sometimes people here are more proud of you than the people you see in every day life!
  9. People are so damn witty and smart
    Listen. And learn.
  10. Opinions are encouraged
    So are discussions
  11. When it doubt, throw back to the 90s
    A simpler time