Thanks for the request @Boogie !
  1. Ellen DeGeneres
    In all reality she's probably immortal, which I'm totally fine with. But I think we could have a lot of fun together and I'm convinced I could make her laugh. We would learn the secret handshake from "The Parent Trap"
  2. Robin Williams
    He deserves smiles and laughter. I'd tell him how Jumanji scared me as a kid and he'd lean in and say "me too"
  3. Michelle Obama
    She'd make an amazing lunch (Barack would take care of breakfast) and then show me how to make my own dish soap with lemon juice and mineral water. We would talk about podcasts and what are our favorite boy band members to create the ultimate boy band
  4. Lil Bub
    Giphy downsized medium
    I sorta feel bad for the famous cats, do they really want to be paraded around to all these talk shows and conventions to be placed on a pillow all day with people surrounding them taking pictures? They all deserves the most head scritches and I would be more than happy to oblige
  5. JK Rowling
    I'd be incredibly obnoxious and constantly ask her questions about HP in the beginning. But eventually I'd mellow out and we'd become great friends. She'd always have a sassy quip ready and I'd be shocked to learn she's never seen "Great British Bake Off" and introduce her to it