1. Whether his travel sized toothpaste was open and that he had used it before
    There was indeed a small hole in the weird silver foil. He was right
  2. The transitive property
    If A=B and B=C then A=C and he can suck it
  3. Whether or not he should go to Harry Potter world
    You are mere inches from the most glorious place on earth and you don't taste it's sweet taste? We almost broke up
  4. If he likes Harry Potter
    He read all the books! Went to midnight book releases! And you tell me you don't like HP?
  5. Whether or not aloe works on sunburns
    He claims lotion works better and he is a heathen
  6. Whether my butt was allowed to be sore after biking 6 miles
  7. The use of gentle touches when drinking
    Doing karate chops on my back is less than ideal
  8. Whether my Maroon Five band T from 2004 is ironic and fun
    I say yay, he say nay