@amieshmamie asked and I answered!
  1. Did I always know I'd be doing this?
    Buckle up, this is a long answer to a short question. I graduated almost five years ago and since then I've had nine jobs, most at multiple times. I've worked in the music industry, as a dog trainer, with kids - both in the US and Turkey, in sales, and now I'm in marketing for a pizza place. Phew
  2. How many years of schooling?
    I just did four years, I studied Public Relations with a minor in Marketing and this is the first time I've used either
  3. Any loans?
    I was and am extremely lucky I didn't have any. I went to a public university in state and was able to get help from my family as well as working
  4. Best part of your job?
    I love interacting with people and fostering relationships so working with the apartments, hotels, schools etc that I do is really rewarding. I also help serve at the pizza place I work for and people come back specifically on my days because of me. And that makes me feel pretty great
  5. Worst parts of your job?
    The owners I work for recently took over a preexisting location and some employees have been... resistant to the change. They're taking everything personal and every time I go in, something else is wrong or terrible or they don't want to do it "because they haven't done it in the past." It's hard to stay positive for them but I know it's coming from a good place (usually)
  6. Anything ironic?
    I don't think so, I do get disappointed when my roommate or boyfriend orders pizza from a different company. But honestly, because they get it for free so much I'm sure they feel silly paying for it and I can't blame them
  7. End goal career wise?
    I've always worked entry level positions, part of it is my fault as I've bounced around so much but I've really enjoyed them. And I have been asked to move up, but only recently was I ready for the added responsibility. When I as working in music I was working 60+ hours and constantly on call and so stressed out so since then responsibility took a back seat. Anyway, I'm finally ready now to move up so we'll see where that takes me now
  8. Anything else you'd do?
    Ugh so many things! I'd love to own a used bookstore and have a bookstore cat. I want to own a bakery and call it "Hot Mess" because I love baking and everything tastes great but doesn't always look the prettiest. I'd love to get paid to write for travel or food. I'd love to design sets for TV or movies. I'd love to have my own podcast. My very end goal is to have an animal therapy clinic for children with disabilities
  9. Happy?
    Yes, I've always made sure I was enjoying what I was doing and if I wasn't, I'd make the necessary changes. I'm enjoying my zigs and zags