1. I have this weird ability to put my hands underneath my rib cage and I'm worried that one day I'd have a weird jerk from my wrist thus causing a rib to break
  2. Falling through a grate
    Once in a blue moon we hear of one of these stories and ask ourselves "WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING"
  3. Garbage disposals
    Will my hand get stuck one day? I CERTAINLY DON'T WANT TO FIND OUT
  4. Alligator snapping turtles
    This is was pure danger looks like
  5. Getting sliced in half by an elevator
    I'm always afraid the elevator will somehow snap as I'm passing through it's metal doors and goodbye half of me
  6. Getting splashed by truck passing by
    That would ruin any day
  7. Sliding on black ice
  8. Spelunking and getting wedged in tiny spot
  9. The top coming loose on a blender whilst making a smoothie and everything gets everywhere