1. To travel
    To swim far off destination where I only hear waves, see sunshine, and feel sand beneath my toes
  2. Money
    Currently in a weird bit as I have two positions but both are less than part time and Christmas is coming up. And I want to travel. And buy pretty things
  3. To cuddle
    My cat currently has her butt in my face, in a loving way, but it's not really the same
  4. Some motivation
    I should do something other than lie in bed and play The Sims but I have so many quests going on!
  5. To purchase unhealthy, delicious food
    I'm trying to do this thing where I save money and calories by not buying food all the time but last night I broke all my hard work (of a week) by eating a cheese steak
  6. For this election to be over
  7. My lightweight secret so I'll whisper it... (to be considered one of the li.st funny ones)
    So I can finally be Sally Fields
  8. To go back in time and be in a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie