Favorite background characters on SpongeBob

  1. Perch Perkins
    Always keeps Bikini Bottom in the know
  2. Miss Shell
    She ain't afraid of no ghost
  3. Lou
    He seems like he just want to sell food to make people (or fish) happy
  4. Judy
    She's kinda a mean girl, but I think deep down she wants to be nice
  5. This guy
    He isn't phased by underwear in his face
  6. Dr. Gill Gilliam
    SDE and SE
  7. Charles
    He looks like he's been shipwrecked a few times. And lived to tell the tale
  8. Frank
    Wants to be as brave as Larry but is secretly a teddy bear on the inside
  9. Shubie
    She's a fish wearing a bathing suit!
  10. Sometimes Harold, sometimes Bill
    Sometimes starts a riot, sometimes just wants a krabby patty, usually ill-tempered. Plus, rocks those red shorts
  11. Nancy
    Killin' it with that yellow dress and bob
  12. Octavius Rex
    Long, tan, and handsome
  13. Tom
    If I took 3 days to make anything, I'd be salty too. Also loves "CHOCOLATE"
  14. And last but not least, Fred
    "My leg!"