Favorite computer games growing up

Probs the reason I'm so good at the social stuff
  1. Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego
    Learned me a whole lot with this game
  2. Cluefinders
  3. Rockett's Tricky Decision
    Chose my own adventure like it was no body's business
  4. Sim City
    Sadly I never made it very far
  5. Escape from Monkey Island
    Good ole Guybrush Threepwood
  6. Rayman
    Super distinct walk
  7. Spy Fox
  8. Math Blaster
  9. Oregon Trail
  10. Kirby
    I loved the noise he made when he sucked anything and everything up
  11. The Sims
    I was all about the original
  12. Roller Coaster Tycoon
    I used to put so much care into naming all my rides, then I gave up and called them "Coaster 1" etc
  13. And that's how I did became who I am today