Favorite things in my room

I'm having a weird day where I'm getting down on myself and making up weird things to feel bad about so I'm focusing on positive things
  1. This color wheel painting
    One of my co-workers from one of the schools I worked at painted this while we were doing a lesson on colors. I loved it immediately and asked him what he was gonna do with it after. As he's an artist he said "paint over it" so I asked if I could keep it. I think he was weirded out but secretly honored
  2. Taco night in a thrift store frame
    Words to live by. Plus that is a bitchin' frame. Thanks for forgiving the weird lighting (I am quite short)
  3. Barometer that actually works!
    A gift to my grandparents on their wedding day! They got a new one a few weeks before I moved and graciously allowed me to take it with me. For some reason it makes me feel like I'm on a ship
  4. Watercolor Hogwarts in a thrift store frame
    Hogwarts is my home. And another bitchin' frame
  5. Cross-stitch from my bestie
    My bff is a diy goddess and selflessly made this for me as a gift
  6. Picture of my cat and myself
    Probably a fairly accurate representation of our relationship. My boyfriend gave me this as a gift for Valentine's day last year
  7. California map from the 60s
    Despite no real love of geography I always loved when teachers would yank these suckers down to reveal all their topographical glory. Found at one of the schools I worked at and immediately claimed it for my own
  8. Picture of my boyfriend and myself
    This was taken the day my boyfriend met my parents for the first time. I also had a weird rash on my forehead (thank God for bangs) but you can't tell. Anyway I look SASSY AF and I love it. Plus he looks adorable and I love that too
  9. California pillow map (and cat)
    Aforementioned diy goddess bff made this for me and I could not love it more. She put so much detail and love into it, it makes me so happy every time I see it. And my cat. Who's taken to lurking in my room since the new pup arrived
  10. German plate
    My great-grandparents came over here from Germany in the early 1900s and brought this with them. So when my grandpa was cleaning out his house and didn't need this anymore, I claimed it for my own selfish wanderlust
  11. Bar cart from the thrift store
    Found this puppy BRAND NEW and had it grab it in an attempt to pretend I am an adult and artsy and cool and funky and eclectic
  12. Lupin
    This actual puppy which doesn't live in my room but I think we can bend the rules for this face