@cheyn99 This is for you pretty lady! Happy Galentine's!
  1. C is for charming
    She's got a killer smile and a good head on her shoulders. She appears wiser than her years
  2. H is for hopeful
    If she runs the world (as I suspect will happen soon), I am hopeful and optimistic
  3. E is for enthusiasm
    Home girl's got it. For life, for love, for learning. I'm impressed by her wit, heart, and intellect
  4. Y is for YASSSS Queen
  5. E is for eclectic
    She doesn't play by the rules
  6. N is for nurturing
    I'm sure she can keep anything alive. Plants, relationships, healthy attitudes
  7. N is for noteworthy
    She does her own thing and isn't afraid who knows it
  8. E is for elation
    I was so excited to get her, stalk her, compliment her. It was so easy!
  9. Happy Galentine's! 💞💌