Guilty pleasure TV shows

When no one is around, I find myself drawn to these deep, dark places
  1. Degrassi
    The Next Generation with Jimmy and Sean and Craig and Manny and Emma and Ellie and Paige and Ashley and JT and Marco and ALL THE BEST ONES
  2. Snapped
    I have a drinking game, anytime anyone is a hot mess you drink. It happens a lot
  3. Catfish
    The love between Nev and Max is so pure
  4. My Strange Addiction
  5. My Crazy Obsession
    O. M. G.
  6. Real Housewives of Orange County
    I'm not proud of this
  7. Say Yes to the Dress
    I love me some Monty and Lori
  8. Sex in the City
    Even though Carrie annoys me to no end
  9. Criminal Minds
    With my future husband Matthew Gray Gubler