I'm gonna be that girl, but because one of my love languages is verbal this should serve as a reminder for myself, to myself from myself. Think of this as the video Nick Miller makes after be breaks up with Caroline. Or Ron Swanson and Tammy 2. But the opposite. And written
  1. When I've vomited in his trash can and he cleaned it up. Twice. And the bag had a hole in it. Twice
  2. I have an Android and he has a iPhone and he downloaded my emoji keyboard for his iPhone
    I would've never ever thought of that as something that was possible but it's actually really sweet. I think?
  3. He got Roller Coaster Tycoon on his iPad for me to play at will
    I secretly think this was a way for me to not hate watching him play video games as much but I ain't that mad
  4. He drunkenly broke into my house
    Technically not a B&E as he used the spare key but it's funnier that way. But afterwards we told him we moved the spare key (we didn't because we're lazy)
  5. He baked me a cake for my birthday last year! And plans on doing it again this year!
  6. He takes care of my cat when both me and my roomie are home for the holidays
  7. He downloaded multiple seasons of SpongeBob for me to watch as I fall asleep
    I have a lot of trouble sleeping overall and SpongeBob can put me to sleep almost immediately and they've removed it everywhere on the internet! Until the day he found it and now I can watch it anytime I want!
  8. He got a bedside caddy so I can put all of my stuff next to me when I sleep
    When I sleep I'm kinda annoying and need everything next to me like my Burt's Bees and hair tie and everything. I also think he was tired of looking at it and this was a way around it
  9. He picked up all my snotty tissues the other day
    I stayed over and left a small hill, he threw them away for me while I was sleeping
  10. Really appreciates when I make his bed for him
    I have a thing where I feel like if I've made my bed I've accomplished something for the day. Even if I've done literally nothing else, making the bed is a win. And he never makes his bed so occasionally I'll do him a solid and he always thanks me
  11. Last year he dressed up as Tina Belcher
    I was Jimmy Jr
  12. This year he dressed as a lady again
    I'm so mean
  13. Tells me so
    Eh, I guess I'll believe it