1. Put your basket down
  2. Scan your first item
  3. Scan didn't pick up
  4. Scan first item again
  5. Put it in the bagging area
  6. Unexpected item in bagging area
  7. Take it out of bagging area
  8. Item removed from bagging area
  9. Return item to bagging area
  10. Scan second item
  11. Put second item in the bagging area
  12. Scan third item, typically a fruit or veggie that needs to be weighed
  13. Don't put it properly on the scale but it measures something
  14. Put item in bagging area
  15. Unexpected item in bagging area
  16. Scan fourth item
  17. Scan didn't pick up
  18. Cry
  19. Attempt to make eye contact with employee obviously avoiding your eye contact
  20. Cry again
  21. Scan next item
  22. Unexpected item in bagging area
  23. Press "I'm using my own bag" 3,728 times
  24. Attempt to check out, "unexpected item in bagging area"
  25. Never return