This isn't a cry for pity or help or anything of that nature. Just wanted to talk about something that I've been feeling lately and maybe someone else has been feeling it too
  1. I've been feeling unremarkable lately
    Like no matter what I do, I never stand out
  2. I know I shouldn't compare myself to people on social media
    But it's difficult not to some times. Like this person just posted their 100th selfie and it got 12,839 likes in 20 minutes and my pretty rad picture with an entertaining caption got 11 - why? Am I not as cool? Or as good? Or something I haven't even thought of?
  3. Sometimes it's hard to be positive
    Sometimes you feel sad and that's ok. Being sad is a healthy emotion
  4. I try to be positive and funny and entertaining and someone people can count on and a hard worker
    But sometimes I feel others get more recognition, that I don't always feel they deserve. I know we're all working hard and you don't see the blood sweat and tears they put into it, but must I get passed over all the time?
  5. I know that I suffer from this thing where I only focus on what ISN'T happening rather than what IS
    And I'm working on it, I really am. It isn't easy, growing up it was something I was taught. And of course being the youngest sibling has it's own set of issues. And I know occasionally I still feel like the kid sister tagging along
  6. Sometimes I still feel like I'm getting picked last in gym
    Or that it's so easy to fawn over about the person standing next to me and then even easier to glaze over me
  7. I don't need approval from others to be validated
    But damn sometimes it's nice to hear someone really liked something you did. Or they tell you that you look beautiful. Or they like a specific thing about you
  8. I think all to often we just assume someone knows that you adore them or think they're hilarious or you love every time they wear that one neon jacket
    But no one is a mind reader. And who doesn't love a genuine compliment?
  9. We all have our friends who need multiple compliments multiple times a day and that can be exhausting
    But sometimes we forget about those who just carry on
  10. Anyway, that's something I've been feeling
    Writing this has helped me, hopefully it's helped you. Thank you for reading 😊