For a number of reasons
  1. I had to move
    Moving is the worst. Plus my roommate and I didn't want to move. Our landlord was a jerk and told us he wouldn't be renewing our lease because I asked him to give us 24 hours notice for work being done. It felt like a break-up. Joke's on him, word is the new tenants are terrible
  2. There were many work events flip flopping of schedules
    Co-workers out of town, evening events - it all just seemed to pile up so easily
  3. I surprised my friend for her bachelorette party
    It was awesome but that meant flying home for 36 hours and getting very little sleep
  4. Many friends had their birthdays
    More fun than inconvenient but they also all seemed to celebrate on the same days as each other or other things
  5. I moved on Thursday and then left for California for a wedding on Tuesday
    So that meant a lot of packing, unpacking, and more packing
  6. At the new place the landlord is remodeling the kitchen
    Which is great! But now we can't unpack the kitchen stuff for quite some time. But we'd rather it happen now versus later. Still inconvenient. Sidenote we love the new place and new landlord
  7. I was very excited to do a "My August in Pictures" list but my stupid app won't let me add my own pictures again! Sooooo that damped my spirit