Thanks @Boogie
  1. I'm killer at "The Office" trivia
    When I play with friends we have a special rule I have to wait 5 seconds before I answer to everyone a chance
  2. I bring up "Harry Potter" constantly
    What's your house? Patronus? Favorite Quidditch player who isn't a main character?
  3. I'm very suggestable
    Especially when it involves food
  4. I give people nicknames longer than their actual names
    My roommate's name is Megan. So naturally I call her Megatron, Megsicle, Megonagall, Megara etc
  5. I'm constantly changing jobs
    I was miserable at my first after college job and after that I realized I can change things if I'm not happy. A very important lesson
  6. I will bring up the cool things I've done obnoxiously
    "When I was in Istanbul..." "That reminds me of something I did when I was in the music business..." "The first time I went to Europe..." I KNOW I'M TERRIBLE
  7. I made a channel where all they played is original Disney Channel movies
    Twenty fo seven! Maybe the occasional 90s TGIF rerun